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Here's Our First proper have a look at "Toy Story 4"

Why are there nonetheless 3 more months to wait until June 21?!
Get ready for a few nostalgia, '90s children, because the first complete trailer for the highly anticipated Toy story four is ultimately here!


 in the trailer, we see Woody introducing a new pal to the toys we all realize and love from the first 3 movies.

    Walt Disney Studios /

 The new toy is called Forky. He turned into constructed from a plastic spork, pipecleaner, a lollipop stick, and play dough by Bonnie, the little girl who all the toys went to stay with at the stop of Toy Story 3

    Walt Disney Studios /

Of course, Woody and the gang have to cross on an adventure to rescue Forky and produce him again to Bonnie, because he's her favourite toy.

They have got several mishaps along the way, along with a run-in with a severely creepy doll and a gaggle of ventriloquist's dummies in an antiques save, wherein they are saved via a very badass Bo Peep.

     walt Disney Studios /

 Bo attempts to persuade Woody that he should not go returned to Bonnie's room, and as an alternative have to stay on the amusing honest, where they may be free.

    Walt Disney Studios /

I bet we will need to wait and see if the toys ever make it returned to Bonnie.

   Walt Disney Studios /

Toy Story 4 will be released on June 21.

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