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Keanu Reeves' tragic actual life story

 Keanu Reeves went from being one among Hollywood's most in-demand stars to being ignored of the highlight. Reeves started his career within the late '80s and graduated to massive-time films in the '90s and early 2000s. but tragedy reared its unsightly head time and time again over the route of his life. now not only did Reeves lose his best friend, River Phoenix, however his baby changed into additionally stillborn, but his female friend also died quickly thereafter, he was sued regularly and his career has fallen on tough instances. Take a deep dive into the tragic story that is Reeves' existence.

Keanu Reeves His childhood was hard

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 Reeves' hardships and battles with disappointment began as an infant. As Reeves tells it, his father abandoned the circle of relatives whilst he turned into a young infant. As an end result, Reeves' mom remarried numerous times and moved the family around.

"I've had a vagabond lifestyle," he advised Parade magazine (thru people) in 2000. "there is a chunk of the gypsy in me, and dwelling that way regarded to make an experience.

I couldn't calm down. I appreciated going to new places – renting flats, staying in lodges. Then I became forty. That birthday is difficult, possibly due to the fact you understand you are grown-up. So now it's a makeover for me. I have offered my first house. I wanted a home."

His good pal River Phoenix died of a drug overdose

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 Reeves does not provide many interviews, however, whilst given the opportunity to speak about his late friend River Phoenix, he'll say some type phrases but not often greater. consistent with The Telegraph, the pair met at the set of I Love You To loss of life and advanced a close friendship whilst filming My very own personal Idaho.

"it is a beautiful movie," Reeves advised Rolling Stone in 2000. "And lonely. The manner he ends up in the road. His footwear. A stranger choosing him up." whilst requested about their friendship, which got here to an abrupt lead to 1993 while Phoenix died from a deadly mix of heroin, cocaine, and valium, Reeves stored his solution short.

"I enjoyed his enterprise. Very tons," Reeves delivered. "And loved his thoughts and his spirit and his soul. We delivered excellent out in each other. He became an actual original thinker. He turned into no longer the popularity quo. In whatever." Phoenix changed into 23 whilst he died.

He lost his daughter and girlfriend

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 within the overdue '90s, everything became going smoothly for Reeves. He met a young lady call, Jennifer Syme. through 2000, the couple become anticipating their first infant together. unfortunately, their baby lady, named Ava, become stillborn at 8 months. in step with people, the demise of Ava put loads of stress on their dating and it quickly came to an end. another tragedy struck Reeves in 2001 whilst Syme died in a car coincidence. The mag states Syme become driving her SUV while it struck three parked automobiles, rolled over and ejected her from the vehicle.

speaking to Parade mag (via human beings) in 2006, Reeves couldn't contain his anger. "damn it! it's no longer fair! it is absurd," Reeves stated. "Grief modifications shape, however, it never ends. human beings have a false impression that you may address it and say, 'it's long past, and I'm higher.' they may be wrong. whilst the humans you adore are long gone, you are by myself. I omit being a part of their lives and them being part of mine. I'm wondering what the prevailing would be like if they were here — what we might have performed together. I miss all of the remarkable things in order to in no way be."

He was sued by the paps

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 The tragedies saved rolling in for Reeves. In 2007, the Porsche Reeves was using "grazed" a photographer in l. a. sending him to a nearby health facility. "Reeves pulled out of a parking space parallel to the cut back and grazed a paparazzo standing in the road in the front of Mr. Reeves's 1996 Porsche," the sheriff said in a declaration, in step with people. "the person fell to the floor.

Paramedics had been summoned and treated the person at the scene. He was then transported via ambulance to a local clinic for in addition treatment."

by way of 2008 he determined himself slapped with a $711,974 lawsuit via the photographer claiming he precipitated serious damage. people reports that Alison Silva sued the candy November big name for clinical payments, damages, and lost wages. in the long run, a jury determined Reeves not liable for any damages or expenses. Reeves' legal professional showed the court docket video of the photographer the use of his injured hand, contradicting statements he changed into unable to accomplish that.

He doesn't get offers from studios anymore

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 In 2014, after years of doing many impartial films and now not many large-price range studio movies, Reeves came to the realization that he become now not warm stuff in Hollywood. speaking with Indie wire approximately the downward flip his profession has taken over the years, he confessed all of it "sucks."

 "So i haven't been getting many gives from the studios," he said at the time. while asked his opinion on it, he delivered, "No, it sucks, but it is simply the manner it's miles." however as he cautiously defined, now not to offend anybody, he doesn't hate small independent films, but it comes with an alternate-off. "you could have superb and terrible studies, but what I really like about studios are the sources and the worlds
that they could create," he stated. "obviously, a variety of top filmmakers paintings on studio movies."

 "even if i was operating on studio movies greater frequently, i was continually doing unbiased movies," Reeves persisted. "I need to hold going, making matters, and telling stories. I want with a purpose to do that — to be an actor, a director, to produce, ? If we are going to do a delineation among studio and independent, i used to be constantly hoping to do each."

He also dodged a paternity suit

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now and again becoming a massive Hollywood famous person has its drawbacks. the maximum could whinge their objectives for silliness and complaints. In 2009, the Matrix alum changed into accused of fathering 4 children with a girl named Karen Sala, in line with Us Weekly. Sala claimed he used each hypnosis and disguised himself as her ex-husband which will impregnate her. She demanded $3 million a month in the spousal guide and $a hundred and fifty,000 a month in retro child aid.

A DNA takes a look at cleared Reeves of any connection with Salva or her four youngsters. "Karen Sala's allegations are absolutely false and absurd," a rep for Reeves stated. Reeves himself had a whole lot to mention approximately the wacky incident. "I needed to visit courtroom. It became terrible," he stated. "I didn't do it. I no longer the dad."

He faced two home intruders

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 For some days in September 2014, Reeves faced wacky times whilst crazed fanatics broke interior his Hollywood Hills home on one-of-a-kind activities. the primary time, Reeves changed into drowsing when he heard sounds coming from his library, reviews TMZ.

 Reeves, who's ever calm and collected, approached the woman who became sitting silently in a chair. After chatting, the female discovered she got here to fulfill him. Reeves knew as the police, who took her away for a mental assessment.

 The second incident befell just days later. This time, Reeves turned into absent however his cleansing group becomes on the belongings. in keeping with a 2d story, a female walked onto the property after the cleaning team left the gate unchecked.

 The unidentified female showered after which skinny dipped into the pool before the cleaners found out something wasn't proper. They ultimately referred to as Reeves who referred to like the police. just like the previous intruder, the second crazed girl was taken away for an intellectual assessment.
Does anyone recognize the way to use a lock?

He's got drama with a movie company

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 At the same time as Reeves has made it clean the film roles are not dashing in nowadays, why might he all at once give up a movie? that's what Millennium founder and chairman Avi Lerner changed into barking about whilst he heard Reeves become no longer doing the movie The element.

Consistent with the closing date, who broke the story, the movie becomes set to begin filming in October 2017. The script had been finished and shoot locations have been being locked down. The film turned into scheduled to complete filming via Christmas. "I was given a name at the beginning of the week and he stated Keanu walked far from the film.

Did I say why? Did he no longer like the director, the script? No, I was informed, he just has trouble with the subsequent film," Lerner stated of the drama adding there has been an alleged scheduling conflict with John Wick 3, to be able to shoot in early 2018.

Insiders inform the site there has been no closed deal. "it is a lie," said Lerner. "there was a deal. It became now not contingent on a forged. We agreed to head over to whomever he desired to visit…"

A legal professional for Reeves said in an assertion, "We did no longer have a closed deal, and there had been numerous cloth open deal factors. Casting contingency was one of the open deal factors so each deal factor was now not agreed upon, and we did now not have signed paperwork." at the time of publication, the matter changed into unresolved.

He's the ultimate introvert

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 Reeves isn't like maximum in Hollywood. He simply continues to himself and remains out of the spotlight as regularly as viable. whilst he obtained a star at the Hollywood Walk of repute, he simplest invited a handful of buddies to the rite. maximum attendees had been studio executives. His Constantine co-superstar Shia LaBeouf explained how mysterious Reeves is. "I've labored with him for a yr and more than one months, however, I do not surely recognize him that an awful lot," LaBeouf told TIME.

"I do not assume he hangs out with different people that an awful lot." Francis Lawrence, the director of Constantine agreed to announce, "Do I absolutely know Keanu after running with him? No. I realize things approximately him: he's hardworking, he is generous, he's a sweet, sweet man.

however, it's all simply sort of on the floor." Erwin Stoff, Reeves' manager, has regarded him for many years and cannot appear to crack the floor either. "Keanu is a really non-public man or woman," Stoff said. "he is a type of perfected for himself a manner of preserving a distance from human beings."

Reeves informed the magazine sharing too many personal information would distract from the paintings. "it's now not interested in showing all and sundry what's behind the scenes," he said. "I really like looking an amazing documentary approximately how something was made. I simply do not need it to be my life."

He's feeling his age and is ready for a family

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aging isn't always smooth. Now on the age of 53, Reeves is starting to experience a distinction in his frame. It seems all those years of high-impact motion films are in the end catching up.
"My knees are properly aware of it. Mortality may be very distinctive when you're 20 to when you're 50," he instructed GQ (via Us Weekly). "It creeps in here and there, would not it? You appearance out the f**king window and you then reflect consideration on your eyes ultimate."

even though his body may be feeling the results of growing old, his coronary heart nonetheless goals something he is in no way had: a family. "I am trying not to be by myself so much," Reeves informed Parade mag in 2006 (via human beings). "And a guy, it's a struggle. I want to get married. I want to have children. it's at the top of the mountain. I have got to climb the mountain first. I will do it. just provide me a while."

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